Certified Septic Inspector

If you’re a homeowner in El Paso, Teller, Elbert and Douglas Counties, call Arrowhead Septic to keep your septic system up to code and running efficiently.

A Certified Septic Inspection is required in all local counties, we file the required reports with your county’s health department for acceptance. Arrowhead Septic is OWTS Certified with El Paso and Teller Counties.

Certified Septic Inspections for your real estate transactions

Are you buying or selling a home? First, you should have one of our certified septic technicians inspect your septic tank. In fact, most lending companies won’t even give mortgages for homes without these inspections.

We diagnose your system, and then tell you how to fix it

During the inspection our technicians test all systems to make sure they’re operational and in line with all of your County regulations. After the inspection you will get a Certified Report from us with a detailed diagnosis of what’s wrong with your septic system and what needs to be fixed. At this point you can make an informed decision about any necessary repairs.

Some of the many benefits of our Certified Septic Inspection:
  • Keeps you informed during real estate transactions
  • It’s often necessary to get a mortgage or to refinance your home
  • Keeps your septic system running efficiently
  • Detects problems with your septic system before they cause trouble
Start by downloading our Request for Inspection Form

Download our Request for Inspection form and Disclaimer and fax them to us to get started. You’ll be asked questions such as (1) is the home occupied, (2) date of the last pumping service, (3) age of the septic system, etc. If you have any questions, please give us a call anytime.

Give us a call today at 719-576-7707 to have your septic system inspected by a certified professional. It will save you money and headaches in the long run.